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About us – Burgan Drugstores

Our Mission

At Burgan Drugstore, we represent leading international diagnostic, pharmaceutical medical machines and dental products suppliers. Our trained sales force combines professional salesmanaship with robust product knowledge and deep understanding of the local marketplace.

Our market presence is supported by surveys, research, advanced marketing techniques, and rich field experience.

Burgan Drugstore takes part in Jordanian government advisory committees in the medical and health sectors. We participate in Arab and international exhibitions in order to stay tuned to new developments in the marketplace.

Burgan Drugstore marketing and distribution reaches pharmacies, physicians and hospitals throughout the Kingdom of Jordan. Our company also serves as a consulting advisor for some of its principals in other MENA countries. Over our history, we have introduced our agencies to new markets in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Palestine.

Mission Statement

To provide highest quality regulatory, marketing, salesmanship, and distribution to our principals and to support the steady growth and development of the medical sector in Jordan.  Our decision making is guided by market analysis. We embrace innovative new technologies and products that improve the quality of health care in Jordan.