Diagnostics Department

Burgan Drugstores represents leading Clinical Diagnostics suppliers since 30 years with constant growth by correct positioning, scientific support and 24 hours service support.

Dental Department

Our constant mission is the spread and transfer of scientific information to the Dentists in collaboration with partner Dental Labs, presenting break through dental products that allows our customers to design a superior smile for their patients.

Pharmacy Over the Counter

High quality Medical Devices and Personal Hygiene products are marketed to Jordanian consumers through more than 2400 pharmacies across Jordan. The Burgan Drugstore pharmacy and hospital sales team keeps informed about the marketplace through research, analysis, and routine monthly field visits to pharmacies and hospitals.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Burgan Drugstore aspire to supply the Jordanian Market with niche  pharmaceuticals, by rapid registration through our regulatory officers, widest distribution and professional marketing through direct clinicians visits, round table discussions, dinner debates and scientific unique topics lectures.

Hospital Machines and Supplies

Burgan Drugstore has one main mission when representing a supplier of hospital Equipment;  that is “Best Professional 24 hour’s maintenance and service”.

Radio Active Department

Twenty nine years experience in the safe handling of Radio Active sources or isotops. We are certified by the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission and all needed authorities.

Radiology Department